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Nordic walking

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il y a 9 mois 3 semaines #1282 par hawrdstrack
Nordic walking a été créé par hawrdstrack

I was out for a short walk last night and as I started off I sawa group of people who all had trekking poles, which for a walk in Epping Forest seemed a bit OTT. Anyway on my return the group was back and seemed to be winding down with some exercise, turning at the waist with the pole held out at waist level gripped at both ends.So I went over to one of the leaders and asked what was going on. It turns out it was a group of people who are now all trained in Nordic walking. I got details of the group and the leader says there is a course involved but one can go along for a taster session. I've heard a little about Nordic walking so I thought I'd ask on here if anyone knows anything more. Do you really need to do a course? What are the benefits?
And finally if I did do it can I use my Pacer Poles or will I have to go for something with a vertical grip? I can't start strightaway. I've torn the calf muscle on my right leg twice in the past month. The damage has been done in a different location each time but the cause hasbeen the same both times, climbing a short but very steep ascent.The first time the muscle reponded to physio very quickly and I was soon out walking again. But after nearly 4 weeks I tore it again and this time I'm taking the recovery process a bit more slowly, easing back into my walking.

Any help will be apprecited.

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